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Het Grote Fijne FESTIVAL, 5 - 10 septEMBER 2023

We keep it intimate AND GEZELLIG at
this beautiful oasis...
Limited Weekend tickets available


Het Grote Fijne

Closing the summer season in Divided I Unity in the midst of a blissful crowd, full of wildflowers and creative spirits.


Grote Fijne is a full immersion in what life has to offer when we Tune in and Align, Expand, Resonate and Vibrate Together.


Welcome, into our delicious family-friendly bubble of blissfulness. It’s a 5-day gathering with a free flow program with workshop areas, a special wellness & healing area and a Chocolate Club bar to treat yourself.


All  tickets include full program & food!

We start with lunch on the day of arrival (Wednesday/Friday) and we finish with a lunch on the day of departure. Everything in between is included.
If you choose an early arrival the night before, please note that arrival is after 7pm so dinner is not included. Breakfast the next day will be!

By honoring our body as a vessel for divinity, we flow, connect and resonate in our expressions. With a mix of chemistry that attracts and alchemy that builds. 

We create a safe space for each other to take an inward journey towards an outer expression which is authentic and judgement free. We are holding that space for you to be freely you.


free flow

There is no centralized program and we encourage you to go and flow! You can join the elements that feel right and participate in ceremonies and workshops that sound exciting.


Captivating workshops, transcending dances, beautiful ceremonies, gorgeous yoga sessions… you name it and so much more.


Enjoy the nature or the wellness in between or just hang out and do nothing. A nature-emerged camping spot is included in your ticket. 

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Dance your way in during an ecstatic dance experience or go on an inner journey during our transcending ceremonies. Rest in nature, find your inner wonderland in a comfortable hammock, join an inspiring workshop or let yourself be moved by soundhealing concerts. Explore deeper connections at a bonfire or just be present in this very moment.


We shift our thoughts, visions and feelings into a prayer. A prayer of dance and movement, as we ground and center, radiate love and expand into something new, comfortable and exciting.


Flow areas

This gathering offers a beautiful mix of ingredients for a blissful, nourishing and profound experience! 

You can go in and out of the activities as you want. Dive into life, beats, drums, and blissful celebration!

Main Big Tent space where all magic happens 

Lounge area a space to chill out and have a drink and a healthy bite


Wellness area hot tubs, sauna and ice bath


Yurt and Tipi tents for  intimate workshops, ceremonies, inner journeys and experiences


Kids Entertainment & day-care for our little ones 

Bonfire for cozy nights and group sharings

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IMG_1525 kopiëren

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program & line up

we have created a various & wide program for you, where all levels of your being will be deeply nourished.

There will be more things added to the line-up in time, so keep an eye out for any updates and timetables.

See below for our 
latest version of the program!

ecstatic dances


Martyn Zij

DJ SeFrijn


DJ Yarun Dee


De Nachtpapegaai

concerts & sound healinGS 

_MG_5167 2.JPG


Murray Kyle

Loes Swinkels


Liza weald

anna & biba




tantra workshops

cacao ceremonies

yoga & live music


voice liberation

djembé workshops

st bathing

intimacy workshops


authentic relating

forgiveness rituals

Mantra singing circles

women circles

men circles

dance workshops

embodiment & play

creative workshops


wellness area


Sauna's & Hot Tubs

Ice Bathing


energy HEALING




kids area


Musical Meditation
for kids

Bullet Journaling

Making Power
Animals Amulet

Hulahoop Dancing


Kids cacao ceremony

Costumes and
face paint

Animal quests



For every wildflower

Wildflowers are essential for a healthy ecosystem. They nurture the soil and stabilise the surroundings by their complex root system. They are keepers and protectors of soil particles and nutrients much needed for plants and soil to stay healthy. That is how we see our community.

The better we root and ground ourselves, the healthier it is for ourselves and the eco-system around us. Our own health anchors in our bodies and becomes contagious for others. 

The beauty of wildflower nature is the ability to evolve alongside native wildlife developing shapes, sizes, colours and scents.People in our community, like wildflowers, have the ability to naturally evolve into all the different shapes, sizes and colours and so to connect with wildlife around us. That’s the inner resonance and magnetizing connection between each other that is so dear to us.


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rent YOUR tent (SOLD OUT)

We partnered with Rent and Camp! They offer Double & Family Tipis for rent, incl setup. No hassle camping!


No need to spend quality time setting up your tent.  Just bring your bags... your Tipi will be ready & waiting for you when you arrive at the location, including mattresses, linens, pillows and all. More time and comfort for you to dive into the delicious experience of Het Grote Fijne.


Their Tipis are (at least) 3 meters in diameter, which makes them bigger than your usual camping tent. Every Tipi has its own unique character and interior. Inside and outside, you will get cosy mood lighting (no sockets required). And to elevate your comfort you will get a sitting area setup in front of your Tipi to relax, recharge and enjoy your festival.


So are you planning to join Het Grote Fijne and you would like to share a Tipi? Rent and Camp will have your covered! For more details & pricing see the FAQ or our ticketshop. 

visit FAQ

for all your questions & additional info


You can additionally reserve  camper spot

Snacks & Drinks

You can purchase healthy snacks

and drinks at our signatue bar.

tickets include

All gathering activities, workshops, vegetarian

meals, camping spot and free parking.

time & schedule

You are welcome to arrive

from 9.30 (or 19:00 if you have an
Early Arrival ticket on Tuesday).

Camping departure before 17.00

on the last day. 

We are a proud sponsor
of Mossy.Earth

We are dedicated to investing a part of our profits to reforest our beloved earth.

Check out

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